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CBC Radio Spot!

I've been asked to do an interview on CBC Radio-Canada Colombie-Britannique. Il va faloir que je parle en français pour quelques jours de suite pour me dérouiller! Thursday Feb 28 at 4:30pm ( or 16h30 if you prefer) you can listen to me on the show called "Boulevard du Pacifique".  I'll be sure to remind everyone... even if you don't understand Français!.
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The Riga Bench at Buildex!

Riga bench1 I was the first one to setup today at Buildex. It's very strange to see such a big picture of one's self. Got so much attention for the bench!  It was the curves and the unexpected industrial-style hinge that brought everyone over. I can just imagine how much more attention this bench will get when all its sections are completed and it goes on display at IDSwest!.
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