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The Ultra-Lite Dash Part 1

It's not everyday one can say " Today, I worked on architectural moldings in the morning and aircraft parts in the afternoon." Well, That was my day today. Here I've helped a client make flight instruments and gauges easier to replace.  First, I made a mold for the dash that will be permanently installed into an ultra-light aircraft. As you can see the dash was originally one piece. Now there are.
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Fresh off the deck

  Fresh off the CNC table. This pattern is inspired by a rusty old grill found in NYC. It's for a cold air return, but I can see this used in door panels, room dividers etc..This will get a good sanding and either a solid colour or, my favorite, rusting paint... NYC2_SM.
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Cassette Coffee table in the works


There have been quite a few great looking large scale versions of retro items like Nintendo controllers and cassette tapes etc. I have a version in the works as a coffee table, but there’s a twist in mine, a small practical deviation…Nope I’m not telling you yet ;)