the designer


Gerald Lauzé

has taken his background in the film industry as a production designer and digital modeler into the physical realm.Gerald began his 15-year film career in traditional animation and soon moved onto digital productions for Disney, The Muppets, and Reboot to name a few. He developed a craving to see his creations in real life. As a result, Gerald combined his previous CG experience with new CNC skills and started his own company, FeatureWorx Creative Fabrication. Since 2005, he has been creating custom furniture, commercial millwork and sculptures.

Gerald has an edgy style that is heavily influenced equally by the new and the old. While he works with many mediums, he is always looking for a challenge in building clever and industrious pieces with reclaimable and unconventional materials.

Gerald Lauzé is on Facebook Instagram and LinkedIn.

what we do

FeatureWorx specializes in creating the out-of-the-ordinary. We provide creative solutions to design aesthetics for architects, industrial and interior designers. We offer complete design/build services as well as 2D and 3D cnc milling services. Bring us your ideas and we will make them a reality!