Have a decorative cassette panel of your favourite album as your coffee table top, side table or wall hanging. Pick your colour, size and of course , favourite band. I'll recreate the label, sometimes with a little extra embellishments. Comes in small ( 23"x14") for $345 and large (44" x 29") for $735. Discounts when you purchase multiples.

By Gerald Lauzé

Clever, sleek and industrious designs

The Butchered Block

Made up of 297 pieces of poplar, this sculptural side table is truly one-of-a-kind. Stained in a deep dark brown with multiple coats of clear lacquer. 21¾" x 21¾" x 24" Available Now!

Wave Series Tables

These solid butcher block style tabletops feature a carved wave valley to hold on to your change, keys, phone or decorative stones or glass beads. These pieces are available now with painted steel frames. Custom sizes available.. . The smaller blonde table is in 2 1/8" Maple with an overall size of 29¾"Lx13"Dx24"H Available now!

The Butchered Block

This table is a combination of traditional woodworking, 3D computer modeling, CNC carving and hundreds of hours of hands on sanding. This herringbone patterned top features 297 pieces of 6¾" long 1"x2" poplar. Available now!

The X-FRAME Coffee table

Reclaimed and Industrial lines. Super sturdy. The X-FRAME is available in custom sizes. This one is 41½ x 29½" x 16". Two are available now!

The Walnut wave table

This entry table features a Butcher block style top made up of 106 pieces of walnut, each with their own distinctive grain. You will be compelled to touch it. The top is just over 2½" thick with the table having an overall size of 47"Lx14"Dx28"H. Painted steel frame. Available now for purchase

The Double Maple Double wave Side table

This little table has 2 little waves carved into the face of a 2¾" thick top made of western and eastern maple blocks. 22½"x18"x16¾"H

The Riga bench

This articulated bench allows for multiple configurations, closed up as a large coffee then pulled out to up to 23' long . Made of 5½" Laminated Veneer Lumber (LVL) usually used as structural beams. This unique bench with its 4 custom hinges will look great in your lobby, office or restaurant. Available now , with a quick sale price!!

The Rail Shed Bench

This 48¾" x 11" x 3½" chunk of Douglas Fir spent 90 years as part a floor in a rail yard shed. Sitting on a minimalist base it stands at 18" ready to give you a sturdy place to sit.

3D Textures for Walls, Cabinetry and Furniture

Tactile interior design elements

Designs with reclaimed materials

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InFrame Suspended Cabinet

3D and CAD designed concepts

Gerald Lauzé

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FeatureWorx specializes in creating the center of attention. We provide creative solutions to design aesthetics for architects, industrial and interior designers. We offer complete design/build services as well as 2D and 3D cnc milling services. Bring us your ideas and we will make them a reality!.

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